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Taking action is the most important step


Poutine is typical Quebecois dish. Pictured here is Brouhaha’s poutiflette which is a cross between a poutine and a tartiflette.

This post is more rambling than usual and may have been written under the influence of alcohol. 

Last night I was eating fancy poutine at a bar with a buddy of mine, discussing various business ideas he could do. He was always shooting down decent and easy ideas with imaginary “what-if“s and false ideas that he needs to do X thing before being able to try to do something. If you are anything like that you need to stop right now!  This is a lie that society and the media has crammed in your head.

  • You do not need anything to get started.
  • You do not need a good looking website.
  • You do not need a major following.
  • You do not need cash.
  • You do not need any diploma.

All you need is to take action. Stop being a pussy and go try something! Continue reading

I’m selling

UPDATE: I’m in closing on for a nice cash offer. Next time I’ll use flippa for a more orderly bidding. Some bidders wanted to outbid the winner.

I acquired last year. It’s a cool dropshipping business that sells custom funny paintings. Now, I realize that I’m losing focus from my main business by toying with these cool little side projects. So I’m selling it to the best offer. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

The opportunity


Shopify dashboard for 2014.

This business is a novelty product with a strong viral potential. People like the product and share it willingly on facebook, twitter and instagram.  Margins are around 60%. It only sold about $2400 worth of paintings last year. When it was launched in 2012 it got some viral marketing and sales were better. It was featured on HGTV. It was featured on some funny gift ideas lists, etc. If you feel like you got the PR chops to tackle the journalist/blogger crowd, this site is perfect for you.

The marketing ideas I had that I did not implement:

  • Give paintings to influencers (Instagrammers, Twitter stars,bloggers, etc)
  • Make monthly giveaway contest
  • Contact journalists doing gift idea lists, etc.

Easy to run

The site runs on shopify, so no special skills required. The products are dropshipped from the supplier, so no handling is involved and no capital is required.  This is a dropshipping toy size business that is perfect for someone looking to try his hand at ecommerce.

Price: Reverse auction

I’m selling this business in a reverse auction. The price begins at $4000. I’ll lower the price every week until someone close the deal. (UPDATE: Current best cash offer is $3000, got lot’s of offer from redditors, I may forget the reverse auction and just accept one of those offers in the next few days).

PS: if you are interested I suggest you read thru all my blog and also Marshall Haas’s to get the full story.


Q: Who does the paintings- do you know? Are they real oil paintings for certain? Ever had an unsatisfied customer?

A: The paintings are done in asia. Yes they are real oil paintings. Everyone is satisfied with the product.

Q: how much do customers pay for shipping to Europe?

A: It’s the same price worlwide: $15 to $30 depending on size.

Q: Would you be willing to share with me your source for those custom paintings?

A: No, it’s part of the secret recipe! Only the buyer will get all this information. I do however offer business consulting to help people get dropshipping suppliers. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

Q: what’s the average selling price of one of these paintings?

A: $214