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SEO tactic: steal your competitors links

  1. Use Adwords to find out keywords that convert
  2. Look at top organic results for the most popular converting keywords
  3. Make superior content to the top 3 results
  4. Find out who links to the top 3 results using something like Majestic
  5. Contact these sites and bribe them to link to your better content instead of the current top 3
  6. Magic! You have stolen the thunder of your competitors and should be able to outrank them.

Very good piece on how to do consulting work


Neville Medhora sort of look like me.

Neville Medhora wrote a very good piece on how to do consulting work:

This guy has inspired me many times in my life. I’ve been living the easy 4 hour workweek lifestyle largely because he got me going with his down and dirty get-it-done advice. ¬†Read all his stuff on his blog