Monthly Archives: September 2015

Apps I’m using right now

  • SumAll – Cool app to track many different metrics. I use it mostly to get a daily and weekly email report on the sales of my main service business. This business is built on plain HTML and paypal “buy button”. No shopping cart at all. This means not stats!
  • Zapier – An app to link various webservices together. I use it to get email addresses from paypal payment added to my mailchimp mailing list.
  • Asana – Simple yet powerful task management webapp. Very good if you have an outsourcing team. Instead of sending an email or skype message, you make a task and then assign it. The person can then comment or add files, etc. This is very useful to get more structured backup of information, to share it with other team member, and to then clone list of related task to give them to someone else. I also use trello but only for me.
  • Wistia – Video hosting. A bit expensive, but it has interesting features like making “events” in Google Analytics for watching a 50% of the video, completing it, etc. This allows you to gauge the quality of traffic sources if you have a long explainer video on your sales page. Some traffic sources may not convert immediately, but will cause conversions two or three month down the line. This is hard to track. People watching the video is a proxy variable for this.
  • jotforms – An app that makes creating forms very easy. I actually know very well how to do forms the hard way. However this neat app combine Visual form editing with emails notifications, email confirmations and file hosting. It’s just work.
  • Mailchimp – To automate mailing list, drip emails, confirmation emails, etc.
  • Olark – Web chat made super easy. I’m mostly using it as a ghetto lead gen form.