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SaaS Idea: geoclustering your customers using Census data

kmeansclusteringI made this post about targeting the rich. Someone in the reddit discussion mentioned it worked in reverse for selling work boots to blue collar people. This got me thinking that this method is generalizable into clustering zip code using census data into different type of neighbourhood and seeing where most of your current customers fall in. Then use the best cluster to predict the top converting areas. Use this list on adwords, facebook, display ads, etc.

I guess I could sell this SaaS to PPC firms has a way to raise ROI for their customers. I may actually do this idea. Any Angels want to fund me on this?

Side Note: I did a master in Data Mining. This is a killer field for anyone interested by marketing and data science.

Winning the lottery using basic statistics

oddsGambling is usually a money losing proposition. I recently read about Joan Ginther, a woman who won four grand prizes above one million dollars over about 10 years. Odds of this happening are so slim that it should happen less than once per billion year. So how did this woman with PHD from Stanford achieve this? She did the basic math of computing the mathematical expectancy of scratch lotto tickets.
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