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Geeky hosting solution: Digitalocean

My prefered host right now is (Use this link to get $25 of credit) . It’s insanely cheap (as low as $5/month no commitment) and you get SSD servers. You can easily launch pre made images for Magento, wordpress, LAMP stack, etc. Simpler than Amazon’s AWS. However It’s only for people who are comfortable using SSH to do the remote admin. For non-geeks I recommend Godaddy.

Easy Offshore banking for the little guys

Offshore banking is usually an expensive and complex option that is reserved for the big shots with $500k+ annual income. The fees and the paperwork required make it a non-starter for the regular guys. A few months ago I discovered a very interesting Gibraltar based financial firm that provides  MasterCard debit card for individuals earning money in the USA and in Europe. You can use this card to withdraw money at any ATM or you can use it to pay for things anywhere that takes MasterCard . Even better, you can load the card by receiving payments from american and european firms using the US bank account number and european IBAN number they give you.

My review

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