Found a new interesting niche


They are also called Day and Night roller blinds

My Girlfriend wants to put new blinds on our windows. She read this article on Remodelista and decided she wants double roller blinds. She tried to find some online but could only get them from Australian websites. I searched myself this morning and I could only find it on Chinese and Australian websites.


This product is not high tech. I cant believe it’s new.

It seems that this product is new! It’s so simple, yet it seems no one in America or Canada has heard of this yet. I sensed opportunity. I quickly snatched up the exact domain match I could think of:


I did it at Godaddy for about $35 total.

The lazy way monetize this idea


Go list all your unused domains on GoDaddy Auctions, it’s free!

Now that I own the 4 best Exact Domain Match for this product, I can just wait for it to become popular in America. If it does happen I should be able to sell this domain bundle for a few thousands. Meanwhile I listed them on GoDaddy Auctions for $2000 USD each. I had some luck selling  domain names there in the past. Listing domains is free for the basic listing package.

The more complex way: Dropshipping!

As I said in the intro, I found Chinese manufacturers willing to sell one custom sized unit at a time dropshipped to America. They can do this for about $120 all included. I could try to quickly make a shopify store, make some content for SEO and easily snatch up all the Organic traffic as I should be only site in America with content about it, the oldest site and the exact match domain. On top of that I would do adwords.

I bet my girlfriend is not the only person wanting to buy this. It should convert well into sales as I would be the only american retailer. I would sell it for $249 USD. After payment processing fees it should give a gross margin of $120, allowing plenty of budget for PPC.


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