Just sold my first Painting

(New readers: read how I bought this biz first)

The sale is coming from Facebook. I have been playing with facebook ads because this product is imminently visual and shareable. I think there is a strong viral potential if I can get the right mix of face, painting and pitch. The ad you see on the right is my first try. It has many things wrong, but the core message resonate so well with cat lovers that they cant resist sharing it with their friends, commenting, etc.

The time constraint is weak however, the landing page is not cat themed and requires CRO efforts, the image is not full width. I will have to work on this to get truly profitable stream of sales from Facebook. So far I spent $128 and made less than that on the first sale. Clearly the potential is here for positive ROI.

I’m thinking of doing some kind of “cat of the month” contest for a free painting, to enter you have to share on FB or twitter. I also have to figure out how to market effectively on Pinterest.

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