November Review

Some stats to begin


Click is an affiliate network of virtual products. Nice place to find stuff to push to your mailing list

cj is another affiliate network with bigger names and more physical goods


  • Design studio: USD $5413 sales, average of $180.43 in sales per day
  • Clickbank: $172 on 39 clicks, giving bout $2.24 per click
  • Dropshipping: CAD $23890 sales
  • CommissionJunction: $40 on also 39 clicks
  • Painting sales so far: $0.

Did I achieve my stated November goals?

I did start using some CRM, but so far I did not do any salesforce automation. I find it mentally painful to figure out how to do this correctly. Doing it in an half-assed way seems like a bad idea. I guess I should read a book about this to find the right way.

I did build an upsell package for my design studio. I mailed it to about half my list using mailchimp, sold about $800 worth, many people saying they will buy it the next few weeks. This is the thing I should be working on. It’s not very exciting or cool. It feels like work. I think that with the right upsell/cross sell emails I could sell about $20K because most of my customer would really benefit from buying these services. I should really work on this.

I did not write any “how I did it” post in november. I did write a post about a funny business idea, that led to being offered to buy a related business. I bought it for $1500. The seller made a video in which he explains why he sold it for so cheap (Hint: People like easy things!). Read about it here.

I also sold a dropshipping website for $1150. It turned out to be a lot trouble for so little money. I think I was better off keeping it. It was good experience to acquire however. Down the road I want to sell my bigger dropshipping websites to strategic buyers willing to pay big valuations.


I should work on selling to my existing customers and stop getting involved in side businesses.

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