Taking action is the most important step


Poutine is typical Quebecois dish. Pictured here is Brouhaha’s poutiflette which is a cross between a poutine and a tartiflette.

This post is more rambling than usual and may have been written under the influence of alcohol. 

Last night I was eating fancy poutine at a bar with a buddy of mine, discussing various business ideas he could do. He was always shooting down decent and easy ideas with imaginary “what-if“s and false ideas that he needs to do X thing before being able to try to do something. If you are anything like that you need to stop right now!  This is a lie that society and the media has crammed in your head.

  • You do not need anything to get started.
  • You do not need a good looking website.
  • You do not need a major following.
  • You do not need cash.
  • You do not need any diploma.

All you need is to take action. Stop being a pussy and go try something!

Action breeds action


Read this book. Not reading this book is dumb. Go steal it from the library if you have too.

Your something will be clunky and ugly. It will probably deliver almost no sales. But you will learn a lot. It may turns out into a success. People look at successful businesses and they think they started like that. Not at all! The first version of their site was ugly, their pricing was bad, they lacked original content, there were typos, etc. Most business evolved from their first iteration into something else. If you take action right now, the next step will probably be clear to you and you’ll feel motivated to do it. The hard part is to begin.

What you should do right now

  1. Pick an idea. You know the one you actually think is good, but you haven’t done anything with it?
  2. Register a dot com for your idea. No excuse that you need a perfect domain name.  Just go register something. Newegg.com is a top computer accessories retailer despite their name. Go on godaddy and register a domain name right now for $1.49 using this link.
  3. Go start a free shopify trial. Configure the account and link the domain name you just registered
  4. Load some products or service package in your shopify
  5. Make some advertising on adwords or facebook ads.
  6. Wait for results and iterate, be proud you actually tried something.

General recipe for success


South Park Gnomes have terrible business ideas. Watch the episode here.

If you follow this recipe enough time you’ll end up with one or several cashcow sites.

  1. Have an idea. The idea must involve asking customer to pay cash upfront. Do not get involved in an gnomes underpant collecting idea.
  2. Make it happen as quickly and as cheaply has possible.
  3. See visitors reaction: Sales? Questions?
  4. Either improve site or abandon idea.



One thought on “Taking action is the most important step

  1. Doug Beney

    Just decided to start reading your blog again a few months later. I still had it bookmarked after you posted something great in /r/entrepreneur(can’t remember what it was about, I just remember it was great, lol).

    I love the tips btw. I tend to overthink things and only execute a plan when it is perfect. Great advice on just doing shit until shit happens:)

    I have the 4 hour work week collecting dust on my shelf.. Time to start reading again!


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